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Badoink VR Brings Virtual Sex To Life

Badoink VRIf you’re looking for a good mix between budget, quality, and hot models that are willing to lull you into a totally immersive 3D fantasy then Badoink VR is the go-to site.

For a long time they’ve managed to produce high quality production virtual reality videos – both with 180 and 360 stereoscopic vision – that can cater to any desire, whether you’re into a lesbian experience or a hot-and-sweaty pool side fuck with a gorgeous busty model.

They offer support for the leading headsets like the Oculus Rift right down to the iPhone, and with headset specific downloads you always know that you’re getting the most compatible video.

They also generally all come with 60 fps, which is becoming the standard for most VR porn (although some do go up to 70 fps). For around $20 a month they have a reasonable median price, but with a year membership you also get a free headset (always an added bonus).

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Virtual Real Porn And VR Porn

Virtual Real PornProbably in the top six when it comes to high quality virtual reality videos, this studio has long earned its title by producing exquisite and heart throbbing (other things throbbing, too) immersive experiences. The large range of experiences means almost anyone will find something to turn them on, whether it’s a busty blonde riding missionary to a fiery climax or a couple of roommates experimenting with you as their guinea pig. It also had one of the best price deals we found, 29,95 € for three months – or if you’re tepid about it, 5,95 € for fifteen day trial (although we should warn about the recurring cost on this one). All the videos are excellent and ranged between 50 and 60 fps (again, pretty median) and compatible with the top three headsets: Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, and iPhone. The big bonus is that they’re *also* compatible with teledildonic devices from KIIROO!

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Czech VR Brings European Sex To Virtual Reality

Czech VRThere are lot of VR sites, and one mistake many make is not having enough videos. Thankfully, Czech VR – part of the Mental Pass network – covers their bases here and has more than enough videos and content to satisfy their patrons with 30, 90, and 180 day subscriptions ($24.95 to $84.95, but beware that only the 180 day comes without a recurring fee). There were quite a few lesbian videos and one-on-one, all of them named aptly according to the models involved, which also conveniently makes it easier to peruse if you had an exotic Eastern European broad in mind. This was our biggest complaint was the lack of diversity of experience – if you’re kinky, this might not be the place for you. On the upside they offer headset specific downloads for all of the major headsets such as the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, and Smartphone, with pretty reasonable quality for not being HD.

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VR Bangers – Expensive, But Worth It

VR BangersYes, they are a little pricey – $14.99 for a month, although they offer free headsets with longer memberships. Their videos also tend to be a bit on the short side with an average of around 5 minutes, but when you take into account that *all* of their videos are a full 360 degrees, rendered in 4K HD – also available as VRPornSTREAM option, and have binaural sound, it’s pretty obvious why the videos are the length they are. And it’s a sacrifice worth taking. All of the models are extremely diverse, something that other sites have struggled with in terms of homogeneity, so if you’re after a specific ethnicity or body type chances are you’ll find it here. We also really liked the fact that they seem to be updating pretty frequently, and that bodes well for new members who can experience the most out of it. As with other sites, they are compatible with all headsets including the Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, and Smartphone – and for a bonus, you can actually watch a free trailers or download the videos on your PC, something their competitors are sorely lacking.

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Hologirls VR Takes Your Fantasy To The Next Level

Hologirls VRAlthough more limited in their collection of virtual reality porn compared to other sites with only a single page worth to their name, Hologirls VR has a hard time giving us any reason to fault them – all of their videos are the high-production quality of other major leading competitors, offering full 3D and 270-360 degree range of vision in high definition. Plus, they’ve managed to cram a pretty wild and diverse selection of different fantasy experiences into their repertoire, including a lesbian act, a threesome, a foursome, and a number of bathroom scenes and one-on-one romantic fucks. Their price is well within the average price range at $19.99 per month up to $179.99 for a year – be careful about the fact these are all recurring charges though, so when the end of the month is nearing be wary.

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Dorcel VR Takes Quality At Cost

Dorcel VRAlthough their VR selection is limited exclusively to a single video where you act as a director (or for the Soft experience you can watch a trailer for free!) which includes 3 TV shows in the bundle, Dorcel has long been known for its quality – the video itself has a number of classy models and porn stars with a range of different sexual positions including anal, cowgirl, and blowjob. The two big downfalls of Dorcel VR are probably the price – a staggering $10.96 for the single bundle – and the fact that you’re paying for a VR experience that comes in at under 7 minutes. That said, with a high definition 360 potential, and compatibility with all headsets ranging from the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear to the Homido, they’ve managed to cover their bases technology wise. Definitely an experience; but perhaps only for those who have the coin.

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Virtual Real Gay Brings Your Fantasies To Life

Virtual Real GayProbably the biggest and most comprehensive archive of high quality gay virtual reality porn, it’s no wonder that Virtual Real Gay has garnered so much attention recently. All of their videos live up to the standards of the Virtual Real Network of which they are a member, offering HD quality videos in an extremely diverse array of experiences – everything from one-on-one romantic ventures in the bedroom or poolside to a livid and tangled threesome with hunky guys eager to take a beating in the ass. On the downside they have limited stereoscopic vision, maxing out at 180 degrees, although the binaural sound is 360. Their prices are also pretty reasonable given their videos are compatible with all major headsets – Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Smartphone – at 29,95 € for three months. They do have a fifteen day trial for only 5,95 € but this is a recurring charge so be careful.

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Naughty America VR Is A Wild Ride

Naughty America VRAs part of the Naughty America network, this site is unique in that it has extra support, and this reflects in the quality of their videos which are generally HD and have a diverse collection of experiences, whether you’re into threesomes with some hungry-eyed blondes or a more intimate setting with a tattooed waif that will ride you until you come. All their videos are fortunately compatible with headsets like the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear, but we would have liked to have seen some more free content – because they don’t have a lot of technical specs on each video, and you never know how long each one is until you download it, offering some trailers or a bigger gallery would have been helpful. Still, with a price of $24.95 with access to *all* of Naughty America’s sites, it’s a hell of a deal.

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Virtual Taboo Offers Perks On Virtual Reality Fantasies

Virtual TabooLess popular, but definitely more wild, Virtual Taboo has made a name for itself as being a bit more of an amateur site, which bodes well in their prices that range from a month to year (10,95€ to 49,95€ respectively) although all of these are recurring – on the upside, without a membership you can purchase any film individually for 5,95€. Their video archive is pretty limited, although it does have a lot of solo and lesbian sets if that’s your demographic, and their lengths range from five to thirty minutes. Unfortunately they only offer 180 degree stereoscopic vision at 50 fps (other sites usually range at 60 fps). All the same, for an amateur VR site it has a lot of charm, and their updates are monthly.

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